How it all began

The story of monster lab

My name is Hunter Hancock (aka Meatcanyon). I’m an animator who creates funny animations for the internet! Such works include Jawbreaker, Wabbit Season, and Just Beyond the Golden Arches.

This past year, I’ve been looking forward to making a full season of my own original animated series! It’s based around shorts I made a few years ago called Monster Lab. This is a more in depth show about Katz and Uno, with your help they will come to life just as the monsters Katz creates!

This project came from my love of horror movies, metal music and my own personal struggles with weight loss.....let me explain. A driving factor of this show is the main character Katz's need to overcome his problems with laziness and lack of motivation. Which drives him to create monsters to shortcut around life, which leads to disastrous results. Such as within the season he creates a tooth fairy to harvest the teeth of children for financial gain instead of getting a job. 

We're doing it!

putting it all together

Production has begun! Me and the team are hammering away on the first episode and have even started on episode 2!

The biggest risks for this series is staying on track with our current production schedule. There will be bumps in the road like any normal show, but I am confident that we can keep moving forward and if needed I will go out of pocket to hire any artist to help us finish the project.

Feel free to read more or support this journey in my Kickstarter.

Coming Soon...

January 2021

We’re extremely excited about the new show! We will release episodes Bi-monthly, so the release schedule will be January-March-May-July-September-November. The last two episodes will release in December.

This is a dream that I hope I can share with you all. Thank you so much for taking time to look through, and I hope to see you all in the monster lab!